standard-title Experts PEDIMED, Medical pedicure,
Peričeva 21 (Bežigrajski dvor) 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone 1: + 386 (0) 59 050 055
Phone 2: + 386 (0) 31 796 740


PEDIMED, Medical pedicure,
Peričeva 21 (Bežigrajski dvor) 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone 1: + 386 (0) 59 050 055
Phone 2: + 386 (0) 31 796 740

Centre Pedimed is a Centre for medical pedicure, managed by Karmen Perko, a pedicurist, a beautician, a trainer and a specialist in the field of problematic feet, ingrown nails and nail prosthetics.

Centre Pedimed has grown out of love to care for problematic feet and out of desire to help people and relieve their pain.

CALL US: + 386 0 59 050 055

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Peričeva 21 (Bežigrajski dvor)
1000 Ljubljana

PEDIMED, medical pedicure is located on Peričeva 21 in Ljubljana (near Bežigrajski dvor). Public buses transportation is provided to our location. By the Astra or Petrol business building is bus stop of several buses: No. 6, 8, 11, 19 and 22; by Gimnazija Bežigrad bus No. 7 has its stop.  Bellow the Bežigrajski dvor complex you can park your car in a safe Parking house while you enjoy the Pedimed’s services.

Centre Pedimed experts


Karmen Perko - Center Pedimed

I am very interested in the field of foot care, so I focus on constantly educating myself and acquiring additional skills abroad in private surgeries of renowned podologists with best intention of bringing the best latest technology in Slovenia too. I am aware that there are so many various problems with feet, so I think that only the best is good enough. Therefore we want our customers in the Centre PEDIMED to offer state of the art professional services in the field of foot care. Many people ask me how can I treat people’s feet which can be very unpleasant to deal with, from serious pathological conditions to poor hygiene. All I can say is that I see only the final state and how to treat the feet the best and fastest way already at my first contact with the patient’s feet.



I’m Tina, a personal pedicurist in Centre Pedimed. I offer clients by professional expertise first class service in the field of foot care and thereby change their life for the better. I am a cosmetic technician by education, later I finished also pedicure speciality. I decided to cooperate with Pedimed mainly because of their high degree of professionalism, state of the art working procedures and continuous training and education. I am very pleased to be a part of the Pedimed team.



New: Franchise Pedimed

Right choice from right reasons – Centre Pedimed! 

  • Because we are number 1 in many segments of medical pedicure in Slovenia
  • From 2014 onwards we treat affected nail also with a new efficient method – 3TO Brace and Photodynamic nail therapy
  • We are one of the 1st to treat nail fungus with photodynamic Pact Med therapy
  • Because we now our business