standard-title Nail fungus Nail fungus: Pedimed treats nail fungus
Photodynamic Pact Med therapy is a successful method of removing nail fungus

Nail fungus

Nail fungus: Pedimed treats nail fungus
Photodynamic Pact Med therapy is a successful method of removing nail fungus

About nail fungus

Toenail fungus – ONYCHOMYCOSIS – is a common nail problem that changes nail structure. The infected nail starts yellowing and thickening or crumbling. In worse cases fungus causes nail deformations as ingrown toenails and also unpleasant smell and look. 

How do we treat nail fungus?

Successful methods of treating nail fungus we use:

  • cleaning of nail, nail plate, nail bed or cuticle,
  • abrasion and removing parts of the nail infected by fungus and local treatment with the use of prescribed antimycotics,
  • photodynamic Pact Med therapy.

glivice na nohtih

Nail fungus can be eliminated!

Toenails fungus is one of the most common nail infections. Center Pedimed has been treating nail fungus successfully for many years. 

Successful photodynamic therapy

Successful and one of the newest methods of treating nail fungus. We implemented the method in 2014 and it is a success!

Act now! Get rid of toenails fungus!

Toenails fungus is damaging nails in every population, age and gender. That’s why we are inviting you to Center Pedimed if you want to get rid of your nail fungus issues. We offer consultation and further steps into well treating your nails and feet. The experts for removing fungus from your nails will clean your nails, apply abrasion to the infected parts and remove the damages tissue. We also offer local treatment with prescribed antimycotics.

On pictures bellow is a showcase of nail fungus that we treated lately.

glivice na nohtih pred terapijoNail fungus 1 :
The state of patient before the treatment. We see the affected nail structure, composition and colour by fungus. 


glivice na nohtih pred terapijoNail fungus 2:
The state of the nail infected by fungus is problematic in this case also. The nail started to loose its healthy colour and fungus was spreading.


glivice na nohtih pred terapijoNail fungus 3:
Alarming state! The fungus is spread on every nail that became thick and colourless. The fungus infections can evidently be very severe.


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