Nail fungus treatment with successNail fungus

A fungal nail infection, technically called onychomycosis, is more common on the feet than on the hands. Only one nail can be affected, most commonly on the big toe, and over time, multiple nails become infected.

Types of
nail fungus

There are several types of fungi that can attack nails, the most common being dermatophytes, as well as yeasts and molds.


Already infected foot, nail injuries, peripheral vascular diseases (diabetes), weakened immune system.


Men and those who are intensely involved in sports are more often infected. The number of infected people increases with age.

Place of

We can become infected where people walk barefoot and there is a lot of moisture, e.g. swimming pools, saunas, spas, group bathrooms.
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How do we treat nail fungus? Nail fungus treatment methods

The methods of nail fungus treatment that we use successfully are:
  • nail and nail canal cleaning,
  • sanding and removal of the fungal part and local remediation with antifungal agents,
  • photodynamic therapy Pact Med.

    Probably, the individual sensitivity or susceptibility of an individual to the infection is also decisive for a faster infection. The success and speed of treatment depends on the nail affected. Perseverance and treatment for at least six months is essential.

    Pact Med therapy offers an alternative to systemic treatment of nail fungus – with no side effects.

Nail fungus destroys toenails in both the older and younger populations. Therefore, we invite you to the Pedimed Centre in case you no longer have these problems, to consult and take further steps in the direction of rehabilitating your feet. Specialists for the elimination of fungi will clean your nails and nail canals and continue remediation by sanding and removing the affected area. We also offer local remediation with antifungal agents.

Examples of fungal diseases and nail fungus treatments Successful nail fungus treatment

The pictures below are some examples of nail fungus that we sanitized.