A special method of removing corns without painCorns: painless treatment

It is a special method of removing corns without pain. With “2nd skin” we supply the area where the corn is, and we advise.

At the Pedimed Centre, we make sure that your feet and nails are healthy. Corns on the feet are not uncommon and should not be taken lightly as they can lead to uncomfortable pain and difficulty walking.

skin change

Corns are among the typical pathological changes of the skin on the foot, which can be accompanied by unpleasant pain that is not pleasant to tolerate.

Why does
it hurt?

The corns are a thickened part of the skin on the legs or. under the skin and can put pressure on the lower layers of the skin. The pressure on the nerves makes us feel extra pain.

From our practice Why do corns occur?

Corns can also be caused by long-term improper footwear, so it is always important to choose suitably comfortable and soft footwear that should not be pointed, so as not to press your toes. Let the corns no longer adorn our feet! At the Pedimed Centre, we can help you rehabilitate corns with medical foot care. Call us.

With medical foot care, we can also prevent and rehabilitate other foot problems.

Corns from Pediemd Centre practice Corns are very uncomfortable

Fortunately, the Pedimed Centre has a lot of experience with this type of problem, as we have been successfully rehabilitating corns for more than a decade.
In the pictures below you can see some examples from practice and an example before and after corneal remediation.