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for the right choice

The Pedimed Centre grew out of a love of caring for troubled feet and a desire to help and relieve people of pain.

The Pedimed Centre is run by Karmen Perko, a medical pedicurist and specialist in the field of foot problems.

Mission. Foundations. Vision. Goals.


The mission of the Pedimed Centre is to save people from pain and foot problems.


The foundation of many years of successful operation is based on the love of foot problems and continuous professional development.

We regularly acquire professional knowledge in the field of podology abroad from holders of new technologies in the field of foot problems. We successfully transfer knowledge into our work. That is why the Pedimed Centre successfully solves foot problems, which is confirmed by many years of practice.

We believe we have different procedures and state-of-the-art methods for solving foot problems.
We believe that we are the first to provide such services.

Many years of close cooperation with various experts and doctors from related fields (with dermatologists, diabetologists, physiatrists, orthopedists and plastic surgeons) have proven to be a successful path.

We also pay a lot of attention to proper and regular foot care for children. Parents often come to us with their children for help and advice on how to cut their nails properly. We encourage children to have regular and good hygiene and dedicate a lot of time to them. Through play and fun, we free them from fear and foot care becomes fun.


Our customers come from different parts of Slovenia and even from abroad, so Pedimed’s vision is to expand its branches throughout Slovenia and also in Croatia and Italy.


Relieving people of pain and foot problems is a special challenge and motivation for us, as there is no better feeling than seeing people leave the Pedimed Centre without pain on a daily basis and walk around with light feet!

Why is Pedimed a good decision

  • Why choose Pedimed
  • Good results from our practice
  • Because we are certified professional and love professional
  • Because we treat everyone individually
  • Because we manage everything in a file and pictorial way
  • Because our goal is to solve problems and pain as soon as possible
  • Because we work only on the most modern equipment and with the most modern methods and techniques
  • Because everyone at the Pedimed Center is constantly educating themselves
  • Because we have the best service
  • Because we want to help people to be fearless
  • Because we set goals together
  • Because all instruments are under strict control of surgical sterility
  • 1. in Slovenia by repairing ingrown nails with a 3TO clip
  • 1. performed photodynamic therapies in Slovenia
  • 15+ years of experience in medical pedicure and education abroad
  • Collaborations with doctors who send their patients to us
  • Examined more than 25,000 feet!
  • 100% the right decision for the Pedimed Center!
  • A good reputation spread to all parts of Slovenia and even abroad
  • We take care of the feet of the best basketball players, runners and hockey players
  • We proudly take care of the feet of national football champions – ŽNK Olimpija!