Installation of an artificial nail plate due to mechanical damage to the nail or diseasesNail prosthetics

Nail prosthetics are strongly associated with UNGUISAN plastic. Word of Latin origin: UNGUIS – NAIL and SANUS – HEALTHY, thus reflecting the highest goal of treatment.
The method was developed and patented in 1953 by Josef Greppmayer. Due to constant development and improvement, the method today is the most diverse and satisfactory when installing an artificial nail or nails.

What is
nail prosthetics?

Nail prosthetics means the service of installing an artificial nail plate, because there has been mechanical damage to the nail or. it is a nail disease.

No pain and
it doesn't bother

Nail prosthetics do not hurt and do not bother. Life during therapy proceeds normally, without pain and stress.
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From our practice Who is nail prosthetics for?

The most important reason for using nail prosthetics is the possibility of nail correction. With Unguisan, we perform many therapies on nails: the condition after traumatic nail loss or after failed nail surgeries, for cosmetic purposes, etc.

In terms of shape, color and characteristics, it looks like a natural nail that blends permanently and gently with the rest of the nail, creating a base for processing. The durability of nail prosthetics is up to three months. This also allows long-term therapeutic goals to be achieved, which justifies the cost-effectiveness of this method. While wearing, the patient feels good and can perform all activities.

Examples of nail prosthetics from the practice of the Pedimed Centre Nail prosthetics - examples and solutions

In the pictures below, you can see the condition of the patient before starting the therapy and the difference before and after the installation of the nail plate.
At the beginning of the therapy, the problematic nail is well prepared and an artificial plate is made with plastic, which the patient wears for up to three months.