Successful and painless therapies in children with ingrown nail problemsTreatment of ingrown toenails in children

Even children can have problems with ingrown nails and pain. For this purpose, we have prepared painless therapy for children with special 3TO clip, which are intended for children.

Free check-ups
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Even in young children, proper foot care and foot care is extremely important. Parents need to be role models for their children to avoid problems in the future. That is why we offer a free check-up for children at the PEDIMED Centre.

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You can call us on the toll-free number 080 12 14 or contact us via the contact form. Select only the date and location (Ljubljana Šiška, Ljubljana Bežigrad or Novo mesto).

From our practice Nail and foot problems treatments in children

nega nog za otroke

If our children have problems with sore ingrown toenails, action should be taken immediately as the pain can grow even more.

Not only adults but also children have problems with ingrown nails.

With the 3TO clip for children, we successfully and painlessly perform therapies for children with ingrown nail problems.

We have already examined hundreds of tiny feet and nails at the Pedimed Centre, and it is our greatest pleasure to help children.

You can call us on the telephone number 080 12 14 and arrange an appointment for an examination or counseling for your child at the selected location (in Ljubljana behind Bežigrad and in Šiška and in Novo mesto).