Photodynamic antifungal therapy heals nail fungus and ingrown nailsPACT MED Photodynamic therapy

It offers an alternative to the systemic treatment of nail fungus – without side effects.
Your safety is our priority.

Photodynamic procedure

Remove the damaged part, apply gel, wait a few minutes, direct the light at the nail, which is repaired.

Successful method

A successful and new antifungal method of treatment of nail fungus has proven to be a very successful method of remediation.
PACT MED nanos
PACT MED nanos na noht
Pact Med sanacija vraščenih nohtov

From our practice What is PACT MED photodynamic therapy?

The methods of nail fungus treatment that we use successfully at are:

Pact med shemaPACT MED therapy is an important acquisition in medical pedicure and a novelty of recent years: the use of PACT Med devices and photodynamic therapies using LED lights.

  • Manufacturer: Hahn Medical Systems.
  • Providers and location: Tool & Therapy Specialists – Karmen Perko, Pedimed Center.
  • Why is this method special: With this antifungal method we destroy the fungus on the nails on the feet or hands more effectively than with other methods.
  • How to rehabilitate: Use photodynamic therapy and Pact Med LED light. It means attacking and destroying only fungal cells. Nail fungus can no longer grow. In addition to lights, we also use Pact gel to destroy fungi. The combination of light and gel is killer for fungi
  • When and for how long: The therapy can be repeated several times, which allows to destroy the fungus, even if the fungus has severely and deeply affected the nails, nail and nail tissue

A successful method without pain or side effects 4 step to success

Postopek fotodinamične terapije
  • Removal of damaged fungal part
  • Application of Pact Nail Fungus Gel on the nail
  • A few minutes break before continuing
  • Procedure with a light at a suitable distance from the nail
Terapija PACT MED

The pictures above show the process of rescuing diseased fungal nails with Pact Med therapy from the beginning of the rehabilitation to the end. The images show the condition before the start of therapy, 5 weeks after the implementation of the Pact Med method and 11 weeks after the implementation of the photodynamic method. The results are visible and the remediation has been successful.