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Anyone who has ever encountered callus knows how painful this experience can be, which even affects normal walking. Therefore, in the case of callues, we recommend that you seek professional help immediately so that your walking problems do not get worse.

How to
do we recognize?

Calluses are recognizable by the horny spot, usually yellowish in color, the skin is hard in this spot, it can hurt to the touch, it appears where the foot is most stressed.

Can we
help ourselves?

Of course. It all starts with good socks and suitable natural and soft footwear, which must be taken care of primarily by athletes, diabetics and if we have gained too many kilograms.
Otiščanci na stopalih
otiščanci na stopalih - podoogija
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From our practiceCallus - care and treatment

We can also help ourselves with problems with calluses. First of all, it is necessary to choose good socks that do not make wrinkles and appropriate footwear, which must be made of good material for the foot to breathe. Shoes should be soft. Athletes and all of us who have gained a little too much weight should choose footwear in particular. Diabetics are also an at-risk group of people who need to pay special attention to their feet to avoid any unpleasant or even serious complications. Diabetic patients should not only try to forcibly remove seizures.
Let’s also mention that frequently wearing high heels in solving callus problems won’t help fix your problems.

The Pedimed Centre is a professional center for medical pedicure with many years of experience, which in Ljubljana and Novo mesto ensures that we will remove unpleasant calluses professionally, quickly and painlessly. Proper remediation of calluses will bring you relief and make us happy.

Say goodbye to callus – you are invited to the Pedimed Centre!