The procedure of removing a wart on the foot is painless, also suitable for childrenWart foot treatment

Common viral warts (verrucae vulgaris) are caused by human papilloma viruses-HPV. Warts are usually painless, only warts on the soles and under the nails can cause pain.

In our Pedimed Centre we successfully treat warts with CryoPen (cryotherapy).

Where it's located
virus (HPV)?

The virus (HPV) is most often found in damp areas, so keep your skin as dry as possible, as moisture helps viruses spread more easily.

How it comes
to infection?

We become infected directly through a person who has warts through handling and indirectly through infected objects (wet towels in bathrooms and swimming pools).
odpravimo bradavice na stopalih
saniramo bradavice na stopalih
bradavice na stopalih

From our practice What is the best thing to do when warts appear?

A visit to the professional team of the Pedimed Centre will dispel any fear and solve your problems. In our country, professionally trained medical pedicurists successfully perform a non-invasive procedure to repair a wart on the foot. Apply CO2 precisely to the nipple with a painless procedure and safely remove the wart. Our procedure is so well-established and painless that it is also suitable for the rehabilitation of warts in children.

Painless treatment with CryoPen devices

CryoPen - Sanacija bradavic na stopalih

Rehabilitation of the affected skin on the foot with a wart or warts is also performed with the help of the latest technology and a new CryoPen device. Removal of warts and other skin growths (corns, skin lesions, pigmentation, etc.) with professional CryoPen devices has proven to be a safe, fast, painless and effective method of repairing warts.

Visit the Pedimed Centre. Let the nipples stay with us instead!