standard-title Nail prosthetics Nail prosthetics = a method of producing artificial toe and finger nails.
The reason for nail prosthetics is in because of a mechanical damage of nails or nail diseases.

Nail prosthetics

Nail prosthetics = a method of producing artificial toe and finger nails.
The reason for nail prosthetics is in because of a mechanical damage of nails or nail diseases.

What is nail prosthetics?

Nail prosthetics is a procedure where a prosthetic nail plate is applied in case of a mechanical damage of nails or nail diseases.
It was developed by Mr. Josef Greppmayer (1901–1977) and was also patented it in 1953. Because of constant development and improvement of method it became the optimal diverse and adequate method of prosthetic nail application today. 

Nail prosthetics and “Unguisan” plastic are closely connected. The name was put together from the two Latin words ‘unguis’ (it means nail) and ‘sanus’ (it means healthy) and therefore reflects what is the primary aim of the treatment.

nohtna protetika

Experts for nail prosthetics

Karmen Perko and her team have been performing services of nail prosthetics for several years now. 

nohtna protetika-2

The procedure is not painful

There is no pain during implementation. The patient lives during the therapy normally, without pain and stress.

When is the right time for nail prosthetics?

The most important reason for choosing nail prosthetics is the possibility of nail correction. Unguisan can be used to treat a wide range of nail problems: conditions following traumatic loss of the nail plate, mechanical damages, nail diseases and cosmetic defects. 

The colour, the shape and the characteristics of the prosthetic nail create an appearance of a natural nail. It lastingly and gently fuses with the remained damaged nail and it creates a basis for further handling and it can last even up to three months. During the therapy patient feels good and can perform all activities in his or her life in the same way as before the therapy.

On the images bellow you can see clearly the difference before and after the implementation of the method

nohtna_protetika_stanje_pred_namestitvijo_nohtne_plosceCLINICAL CONDITION:
That was the clinical condition of the patient before the start of our therapy. The reason for choosing nail prosthetics is because of clinical condition and mechanical damage.

At the beginning of a therapy we well prepare the nail and plastic mass to shape an artificial nail plate that a patient wears up to 3 months.

The condition of a patient after the implementation of the nail plate. Wearing nail plate is not disruptive to a patient and doesn’t have influence on his or her lifestyle.

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